Partner Event: LBUX Workshop – Building UX Maturity Within an Organization

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Fundamentally most people want to do good work. For businesses that means gaining and maintaining happy customers. So why is it that so many UX designers feel that UX is getting ignored?

This workshop will explore the reasons behind this, and provide you with a shift in thinking that will allow you see news approaches to your work. This that will eventually expand the UX maturity of your organization, build your teams credibility, and help ease or even eliminate tensions between departments.

So If you want UX to be better known, more integrated, given more time, or seen as more than a service at work, then this workshop is for you.


• Understand the importance of vision & principles and how to create them.
• Gain insight in to the users you don’t know you have.
• Develop a language to avoids knowledge gaps.
• Find ways to shake your organization and evangelize UX.


JohnRobert is head of UX Design and Strategy at Denso Ten, a department which he co-founded in 2011. The principles, direction, and vision he created for the group have led to UX being introduced to the business planning phases of both Denso Ten, and the OEM’s that he consults with. In addition he has taken numerous concept cars from research to launch, taught OEM executives how to think about and execute UX strategies, and cultivated the maturity of user thinking around him. In his spare time he maintains his vintage vehicles, travels, and trains as an amateur boxer.

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