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48 Hours to Save The World
We know that environmental sustainability is an important part of our collective future. But how do we help make a positive impact?
Join a diverse group of curious and passionate Angelenos for the Los Angeles Service Jam! Teams will work together to build ideas on creating a better future through design, while exercising their creative muscles and learning new skills.This event is part of a global movement, in which cities around the world participate during the same weekend! We will connect with jams around the world, to learn from each other and share ideas.
The 2018 LA Service Jam is hosted by the official Los Angles Service Design Meetup Group.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What’s a jam?
A jam is an activity where people gather around a theme (sustainability) to create something new, based on the human-centered design process. The Sustainability Jam is an annual weekend where curious people — like you! — come together to work in small teams to come up with new ideas on services and products for sustainability. Who can attend the jam?
Everyone and anyone can join the jam! You don’t have to be a “Designer” to jam. Service design and design thinking are processes and tools that anyone can use for innovative and creative approaches to problem solving, regardless of job title or skill level. In fact, we especially encourage attendance from those who are not familiar with the design process! Why should you attend?
You will learn design-based approaches to creative problem solving and gain hands-on experience, all while having fun. You will experience how a structured innovation process can produce robust, concrete and human-centered results, in just 48 hours. You will have an awesome time and connect with passionate people from your community, and from all over the globe.

Can I attend just one day of the jam?
Unfortunately, you cannot attend the jam for just one day, as teams use the entire weekend to research, concept, prototype and test their ideas. We understand that people have other obligations, such as family and work, so arriving a bit late/leaving a bit early, or stepping out for a few hours, is ok. If you can’t make the entire weekend, but want a taste of the jam, consider getting involved as a volunteer!

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