Please join us on December 6th at General Assembly Santa Monica from 7-9pm to hear from some of the community’s most progressive and experienced experts who will discuss the tech achievements and innovations in 2018 and what’s to come in 2019. What You’ll Take Away: An opportunity to network and hear from community experts as to why LA is a progressive tech hub & it’s FREE!

Meet Our Moderator
Ash Kumra is CEO of entrepreneur movement YOUNGRY™, author and host of the top Southern California entrepreneurship radio show. He has been awarded both by Linkedin and White House for making an impact. Ash has spoken to over 10,000 people on peak performance, entrepreneurship and mindfulness.

Meet Our Panelists
Mr. Tim O’Neal is a Co-Founder and serves as Chief Executive Officer & Board Member at Kazuhm (https://kazuhm.com/). He has been a technology professional for over 25 years holding technology leadership positions in large public healthcare, financial services, and education companies. When Tim was at Intuit, he lead Operations for the Health Care division until it merged with MedFusion in 2011, when Tim then transitioned to the IT team and was involved in driving multiple data center consolidations. Tim later joined Bridgepoint education where he drove massive reductions in data center operating costs and DevOps automation.

Chris Henley is the vice president of engineering at women’s lifestyle brand FabFitFun (www.fabfitfun.com). In this role, he oversees a growing engineering team as the company continues to scale and expand its offerings. Henley manages software development across multiple platforms and technologies including web, mobile, tablet, physical products, subscription/recommendation systems and more. He’s also an advisor at PAQTech. Henley graduated from University of Maryland with a B.S. in computer science.

Lauren Smith is a Product Designer and Manager. Most recently, she led the Product Design team at the media company ATTN: where she focused on creating productivity tools and digital experiences. She enjoys building design systems, organizing documentation, teaching designers how to code, and mentoring students as they learn the fundamentals of HCI. When she’s not in front of a computer or classroom, she’s traveling or spending time with her dog, Lincoln.

Marcella Missirian is an Entrepreneur, Global User Experience Strategist, Educator, Mentor, Speaker, and Consultant. In addition to being the Head of UX Strategy and CEO of Media Mash UX, Marcella also serves as President of UXPA of Los Angeles, is an Adjunct Professor at Santa Monica College, serves on the board of Cal State Fullerton, and has been a technology professional for over 20 years. Marcella began designing and creating when she was 6 years old and has been designing digital experiences since the early 1990’s. Marcella thrives on collaboration and solving design challenges. Her passion is mentoring women to be leaders and encouraging others to volunteer and be of service to their community.


About Our Sponsors
Kazuhm (https://kazuhm.com/) is a next generation workload optimization platform that empowers companies to maximize all compute resources from desktop to server, to cloud. Founded with a belief that organizations have become too dependent on cloud computing, while disregarding the untapped resources that already exist within their organizations today, Kazuhm securely and efficiently recaptures unused processing power to boost productivity and minimize unnecessary IT investment. As the first fully-connected, commercial grade compute ecosystem, it allows organizations worldwide to process workloads at a fraction of the cost. Global IT managers and leaders have adopted Kazuhm’s easy, centralized install process that puts resource control back into their hands.

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