UXPALA BOOKCLUB: We’re Just Talking – Job Interviews into Casual Conversations

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UXPALA BOOKCLUB: Webinar with McKenna Bailey Author of We’re Just Talking
Simple Strategies for Mastering Any Job Interview.

“This book will get you hired. Read it before your next interview.”
—Charlie Hoehn, Bestselling author of Play It Away

We’re Just Talking teaches you how to ace any job interview. With one simple strategy, a single change to your approach, you’ll stop seeing them as investigations into your qualifications, or lack thereof. Instead, you’ll realize what they really are: a conversation about the one thing you have the most expertise in — yourself.

Learn how to pick the perfect job, how to properly prepare for your interview and how to best advocate for yourself during negotiations.

This is more than a book. It’s a coaching session you can return to again and again. Use it as a constant reminder that interviews are nothing more than people just talking.

This is a great book for anyone who wants to prepare for an interview, but doesn’t know exactly how. A simple Internet search will yield bits and pieces of often conflicting information – Bailey’s book sets a clear path with reasonable, actionable advice to help you get an interview in the first place and tips on how to nail that interview. A great read for anyone looking for their next opportunity.

You’ll take these points away from this Webinar:

• How to get, perform and follow up in your interviews
• Doing your research – be fully prepared for both the job search and the interview
• Lose the idea of interviews as interrogations and embrace them as conversations
• How to own your stories and use your diverse background as a strength when entering a new field
• Know your worth – YOU are the expert in an interview PURCHASE WE’RE JUST TALKING FROM AMAZON: http://a.co/5YCi5BH
Mckenna Bailey is a writer and content strategist from Southern California. Much of her work focuses on empowering creative professionals to build successful careers by simply knowing their worth.
She collaborated with Charlie Hoehn, author of Play it Away and Recession Proof Graduate, on Play for a Living, an art book dedicated to inspire you to bring more fun and joy to your work. The project’s Kickstarter successfully funded in less than 48 hours and eventually raised 359% of it’s goal.
Anything else you’d want to know about her, and some things you don’t, can be found at mckennabailey.net.

7:00 — Introduction of Webinar, McKenna Bailey, Panel and Format
7:05 — Part 1: Finding the Right Job
7:20 — Part 2: Interviewing
7:35 — Part 3: Post Interview
7:50 — Part 4: Recap and Action Items
8:00 — Audience Q & A
8:20 — Raffle
8:30 — End

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RSVP on EVENTBRITE: https://032118.eventbrite.com/?aff=MU