UXPALA Mentorship Program

Our goal is to facilitate and connect up local mentors with local proteges in order for you to share your experiences and grow into better designers. We organize UX mentorship events and mentorship matching opportunities for the Los Angeles UX community.

Taking part as a mentor or protege is a great way to

  • Accelerate learning in the UX field
  • Develop professional relationships
  • Give and receive valuable feedback
  • Mutually benefit from shared learning & teaching
  • Identify areas of growth
  • Increase self-­confidence by improving your skill level


  • Mentor: A UX Professional of 2+ years experience who is interested in advising, guiding and training another.
    Protege: A UX Professional who has shown interest in being advised, guided and trained by another.

Who is this for?

We are looking for mentors with 2+ years’ experience who are willing to help guide fellow UX professionals.

We are also looking for enthusiastic proteges who are looking for mentorship. Please note our mentors will not be able to offer you a job.

Take Part

Fill out the forms below to be added to our UXPALA mentorship database as a protege or mentor. We will be in touch with suitable opportunities and events.

Sign up to be a mentor

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Reach out to outreach@uxpala.org with any questions.